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  • Are You certain You know all about fitness?

    Nov 20, 2014/ Comments (0)

    Many beginners are confused because the lack of information aboubt fitness, as much as those allready practicing. We will give You answers to some of the most fequently asked quest ...
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  • Try out spinning and burn calories faster!

    Nov 20, 2014/ Comments (0)

    Spinning is an indoor cycling practice, also known as IndoorCycling.

    IndoorCycling was developed in 1987. by Johnatan Goldberg, an ex professional bike rid ...
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  • Running in nature or in your own home?

    Nov 20, 2014/ Comments (0)

    According to some research, running in nature can burn slightly more calories then running on treadmill.

    Various factors affect these results like wind ...
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  • Did you know that bycicle grows together with children?

    Nov 20, 2014/ Comments (0)

    Dear parents, in a case you didn't know that bike grows together with children, here are some useful advices. First contact a child has with pedals is by riding tricycle and differ ...
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  • Say NO to excuses for not working out

    Aug 18, 2014/ Comments (0)

    How often does it happen to you that you just don't want to exercise? You have so many other worries and occupation? That you so much going on in your head that you place exercisin ...
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